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I' ve been watching the population since we went F2P and our server hits Heavy at peak times and every now and then we'll see a Very Heavy. I've had no problem getting decent ques on both 50 and pre 50 PvP. I've also seen several old players starting to return with the launch of F2P and can anticipate more coming back with the new Expansion.

We may not be able to constantly que back to back at all times of the day, but we have a decent sized population with some really good pvpers. At times we que with PUGS that have no clue what they are doing or people with crappy attitudes, but it isn't extremely common. On one of the other non RP-PVP servers you will see that increase. We all chose to come to an RP-PVP server for the better community and that has paid off.
I agree with this. I don't understand this "pls let us move bandwagon."