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exactly my point, from extremely easy mission we jump to a very precise accurate ones.
I mean, I fly in there like a mosquito all over the screen with barrel roll and such yet one tiny mistake > restart.

will take hours to master them and for 4 BH comms? I mean i got variety of other activities which grant them and I can gain credits and fleet cooms for other activities which will leave me time to enjoy class stories I've not finished yet.
Look, if you don't enjoy the missions, there are other things you can do in the game.

But you're overstating the difficulty with "one tiny mistake > restart".

Cha Rabba used to seem very difficult to me until I realized I had to leave shield regen on full, never fire guns and only use missiles. Pop the EWP at about 2 mins left (in the minefield, right about the time you lose your shields) then EMP right before the freighter. Once you understand the strat it becomes cake.