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title says it all really, looking for mainly pvp may do a little bit of pve. would like to stay alive in pvp and be a useful healer in which can support the team well. but yes survivability is always nice, thank you for your time!
Operatives are the best healers in the game. A good operative healer will out heal any mercenary or sorcerer healer. Operatives also have the best crowd control and survivability between all three of the healers (cover, stealth, sap, and flashbang being big ones). They are also extremely mobile with most of their heals being instant. At 30% health they have an instant free spammable heal as well. Basically, their tool set for healing and staying alive is way better than a sorcerer's.

Sorcerers are the second best healers in the game. This is because of their Static Barrier skill, or "bubble" as most people refer to it. It can be placed on anyone on your team, and when it breaks (if you have the Backlash talent) it stuns everyone around that person for 3 seconds. Also because sorcerers have a friendly pull which has great impact on the Huttball map (and is still very useful on other maps). That being said, sorcerers have the lowest survivability of any A/C in the game, not just out of the healer A/Cs. You do not have a defensive cool down. Meaning, you have no skill on a long cool down that will reduce or prevent damage being done to you for a set amount of time. Your heals are all casted. You have no real worthwhile instant heal accept for Unnatural Preservation which you can only use on yourself and has a 30s cool down.

So to sum up. If you want to be able to cast a lot of heals while moving, and beat most everyone in heals the majority of the time (and also have great crowd control and survivability), then operative is for you.

If you don't mind having lower survivability and being forced to cast all of your heals while standing in place, then sorcerer is for you.

Sorcerer can be fun if you enjoy this type of play style and embrace it. But you will never be able to heal like an operative as you are too restricted by having two, 3 second cast time heals. Your only instant heal is on a 30s cool down, meanwhile an operative can spam an instant heal costing no energy at 30% hp or less along with other instant heals. There really is no comparing the two. It comes down to what is more fun if you can't decide after reviewing facts like these alone.