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Is anyone else concerned with this? I've been a Synthweaver (added an Armormech sometime along the way) since launch. I've made a nice sum to support myself and our guild by crafting epic 49 belts, bracers, boots, and gloves for all classes and specs through Synth/Armor. You can make and sell these for reasonable costs and it keeps a healthy economy and money sink flowing.

Why would they kill this by giving every fresh 50 a set of Tionese which renders these useless and leaves Synth and Armormechs with only the annoying augment market to make any money?
Why you ask? Simple answer, Artifice was destroyed a while back, why not destroy Sythweaving, Armormech, and Cybertech as well they thought?

Poorly thought out decisons on bioware's part... However at the time of this all they were thinking was...... money, money money.... and more money. Good for game what? Oh no... LOL this was all about money nothing more or less. If bioware had a parent or sibling they would have been auctioned off along with the remaining crew skills. But not to fear... I am sure Bioware is developing a way to **** biochem up as well as it seems to be the last and only functioning crew skill in the game that makes money/ credits.