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12.31.2012 , 01:56 PM | #23
Merc/Pyro (0/10/31) vs. VG/AS (8/8/25) Operations Training Dummy, 5+ minute fights.

same gear (i swapped mods (61/61/61 all but belt. Merc has 63 barrel, VG has 61WH barrel) from Merc to VG, because, well...Merc sucks in comparison), and nearly same Aim.

VG is consistantly 150-200 DPS higher, with max of 1721 DPS (avg. 1650).

Merc, while easier to maintain heat, max'd at 1623 (avg. 1520).

oh, and i use 8/8/25, stayed at 9.5m, and never used SS to proc HIB!!! (just proving a point that i can instant cast, kite, and DPS more effectively, than a Merc in IDEAL casting situations)

this is strictly Pyrotech/Assault Specialist point of view.
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