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12.31.2012 , 01:23 PM | #552
I play five other mmo's and none of them crash me to desktop. I just recently started having this problem with swtor and crashing to desktop. I have been here since launch and no issues at all until.....last 30 days. I get a CTD every other game session

My last crash went like this: I logged into the game at the Black Hole daily area....went to get my quests downstairs from the mission terminal and came back out. I ran over to go fight a hard mob ...another player was there too just standing ,...and BAM! ....dumped to desktop..the game just vanished and shut off and dumped me to desktop. I had been logged in no less than a minute probably

Sometimes I can play for hours and no issues and then it happens. Sometimes i can play for 10 hrs straight and nothing happens. Something is corrupt on my end or your end I dunno,...but when it happens I just log back in and can play for hours and hours with no issues

It's not so bad where i cannot enjoy the game,'s a minor annoyance for me is all, but still irritating. How can a game completely shut down and crash you to desktop after only just one minute of playtime??? It's like all my memory was instantly eaten up

I've seen this similar problem in Age of Conan when that game launched years ago and they ended up fixing it somehow. Hope swtor figures it out...and no I am not gonna provide a diax diag of my system...what is the point? So many other people have this problem too,..however I will provide my basic computer info

Windows 7 home premium 64 bit service pack 1
Intel core duo I5 ...650 ...3.2ghz, 3.1 ghz
12gb system memory
ATI 6870 HD video card
Comcast cable