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Edit: The listing for The Revenant now reflects NiM EC kills up to Colonel Vorgath. Unfortunately, I am only tracking full guild kills, and had to remove Kephess from the listing. I'm sorry, guys.
Garthim is an alt of Saih's - who's main character, Saih, is in The Revenant. Saih uses this as a method to mark which guild Saih is aligned with, which has been acceptable for us. Dark Crystal is a guild only for his characters and no one else's, and utilizes guild storage for "legacy" storage. Considering this, all of his alt characters within Dark Crystal are considered part of the guild - for progression raiding, we do not mark progression with characters of members we do not consider as being part of the guild.

This was a full guild run. If you need this verified, you're welcome to contact any member of The Revenant within the game or anyone else who might be aware of the situation.
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