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Hey guys I have been looking for a while now into getting into a guild to call home. I have characters on both sides as you can see by my sig. Im looking to do one of two things. Join a guild or restart the one me and a few friends had on Anchorhead prior to transfers.

Qualities in a guild im looking for:

1.) Teamplay- What i mean by teamplay is at the end of the day the only thing that matters is everyone logs off having a good time or best that could be expected, we all have bad days. Winning is alot of fun but is nothing if you have no one to enjoy it with, but having a fun group of people to TEAM up with for PVE and PVP is most important.

2.) Attitude- Lets face it MMO players have some of the worst rep when it comes to social interaction at times. Personally i think its because you have to ones who sit behind a screen and care nothing for themselves. What im looking for is people who are here to enjoy there time without inhibiting someone else's by bashing them instead of offering advice, or help. Win or lose they still play and strive to win is most important which in turn should make every group expierence enjoyable as possible, again we alll have our bad days.

3.) Active- WHen i say active i dont mean 4 people online complaining theres nothing to do. Or 30 people online and all doing there own thing. I would rather meet and group with 3 to 5 people on TS or the sort BSing playing the game while queing or doing something as a group atleast a few hours a day. Also, doesnt ahve to be crazy high numbers, just players who play most of the weeknights and weekends when possible RL permitting.

Samething applies to starting a guild again, if there are a few people (like me) who have been playing since launch and been more casual due to lack of people to play with. I have an old website that we could retrofit as well as all our old documentation we used when recruiting, i also have a TS3 server for us to use. Im even looking into start maybe streaming over IF either of the above sounds like a fit feel free to contact me in game on one of the toons below, im on the 50's daily as well as the OP and the Sent are the 2 im more working on atm. Im not overly particular on faction just looking for a group to play with.

/end wall of text!
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