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So... I've tanked in other MMOs, but until most recently when I rolled a Vanguard alt to 50, I have never tanked in SWTOR.

Well, I hit 50 a week ago, and legacy-transfered a bunch of gear from my main to my new tank, and did as much as I could do this week with Ops/FPs/Dailies/PvP/Etc to try to maximize the best gear I could get as quickly as possible.

After a week at 50, here is my current AskMrRobot profile:

Also, here is my current skill tree setup.. (I know I've bypassed the 3% endurance boost, and you'll note that I have opted to not use any fortitude augments in my gear. I decided to go for mitigation 1st - HP 2nd):

For those who don't/can't click the link: (with class buffs and a Rakata Fort Stim)

Aim: 1,637
Endurance: 2,118
Defense: 380
Shield: 751
Absorb: 414

Health: 23,678.5
Armor Rating: 8624.7
Damage Reduction: 53.40%
Defense Chance: 18.22%
Shield Chance: 58.63%
Shield Absorption: 54.26%

I know that I am not "best-in-slot" on my Relics at the moment. I am not sure if I should PvP the War Hero or not, it if a minimal upgrade, and this character (unlike my Sage main) isn't one I've done much PvP on, so I would likely queue into a 50 warzone as a noob-tank, so I am not 100% sure what I will do there. That raises a question... Are 2 PvP Passive Relics BiS for a tank? Or do I want one passive & one dread guard proc? (still about 60 daily coms away from affording a Dread Guard relic.)

I was a bit confused by the Black Hole Implants... They are an Aim increase, Endurance Decrease, Shield Increase and have Absorb instead of Defense (compared to the Rakata)... I had thought that I would possibly use TWO of them, and then also use TWO PvP defense passive relics to make up for the lost Defense, which would boost my overall Shield chance and my absorb rating? Is that the right thinking here? Otherwise, my defense is gonna dip down a few percentage points, and from what I read, I want to be between 15-20, but closer to the 20 as much as I can without sacrificing other stats???

A few upgrades are self-explanatory... I still have Columi armorings in my Belt/Bracers, as well as needing to upgade my Rakata Armoring in my Offhand, and replacing the Columi barrel in my mainhand.

SO those few things aside... any thoughts? Critiques? Suggestions? (I know that I am using a bunch of WH Mods/Enh, and while they technically are not BiS, if you do the math, at the end of the day it will equate to less than half of a percent of Shield/Absorb and as a fresh 50, with alts that have a lot of warzone coms stacked up, using those mods/enhs through legacy transfer was a heck of a lot easier/faster than grinding the hundreds of black hole coms that I would need to itemize with PvE mods.)

Lastly... I am learning the mechanics of Threat building and Aggro management... Tanked an SM EC the other night and did pretty well on the Toth/Zorn swaps (with one exception where I derp'd and didn't have my single target taunt up when I needed it, so I just had to wait a few seconds.. ) regardless, we one-shotted it, so no one minded. I can maintain aggro when I focus on it, and time my taunts and high threat attacks, that isn't really the problem... the problem is that I feel that my DPS is very low. I realized it on both SM and HM EV at the Infernal Council. I was the last person done killing my "buddy" in both runs. (Which is not something I am used to, with my main being a sage healer who rips his target down in around 30 seconds, and my other being a Sentinel who is usually 2nd or at the least 3rd...) so I am wondering, what is the optimal "dps" rotation for a tank vanguard?

I'd appreciate any suggestions/advice from the community... I might be a decently geared tank, but the guy at the keyboard is still learning how to be a GOOD tank. (yes, there is a difference between a geared tank, and a good tank...)
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