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I'd like to make a few points. I was expecting a lot of support for Kaan and so prepared this counter argument, but what the hell I'll post it anyway, grind Kaan's face into the dirt, why not? While Kaan has legions of Sith which will no doubt give him significant advantages in space, ground and destabilizing infrastructure (via assassination). He has two glaring weaknesses.

1. Kaan is not particularly powerful. He was in fact fairly weak, and hid this weakness through his 'Rule of Strong' and charismatic, force fueled, leadership. This makes him extremely vulnerable to assassination, and Revan has a small army of assassins ready to do exactly that. How long will it be before Revan's simply assassinates Kaan?

2. Kaan's "Rule of Strong" is a perversion of the darkside and destined to fall apart. While rules dictate that Bane is not hell bent on destroying the Sith, his desire for power remains. Anyone who has read the Bane Trilogy will know that Bane regarded Revan as the greatest Sith Lord who ever lived, and inspired Bane's Rule of Two. While Bane will cause some heavy damage in the opening to the war. Revan will quickly recognizes him as a considerbale threat, and being Revan will attempt to convert him. All Revan has to is have Bane subdued and captured, then brought before Revan, and turned. Revan will promise him power, and a more powerful order of Sith Lords. Bane will become Darth Bane (remember while Revan ruled against having more than one apprentice, he doesn't have to train Bane. There were 2 other Darths in Revan's empire before his betrayal) and become Revan's weapon. Who could easily assassinate Kaan.

You ask why Bane is in Kaan's powerbase, well one he needed and ally, and two it only goes to show what a huge weakness Kaan's Sith philosophy was to him.

I've probably just driven a stake through Kaan's heart just there, but what the hell - the point had to be made.

There is one thing that could save Kaan from defeat however... Malak. He wasn't exactly loyal, and may be persuaded to ally himself with Kaan and betray his Master. Effectively taking control of the Brotherhood. It is an interesting point to consider, what would happen if the allies switched sides?