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12.31.2012 , 05:28 AM | #30
Been CTD randomly since 1.5 and worse since 1.6 yesterday alone had 5-6 CTD within a 4-5hr period at random points.

Had bad lag since 1.4 but new modem/router seems to have cleaned that up a little, but the CTD is so damn annoying as it has happened mid fights, during video sequences, browsing GTN, just driving to missions so no set points and worst part is when just finished long load sequence and it crashes and you lose your slot in FP or OP as pug wont wait for you to load back in.

Running a AMD quad core phenom 2.3GHz 4Gb ram Vista 32bit, 1gb ATI HD5450 video card (upgrading to Nvidia 2Gb GT610 next week) has run game virtually flawlessly for last 6-12months till this CTD crap started!!!
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