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12.31.2012 , 04:31 AM | #22
just wanted to chime in on PT dps, imo its frigging awesome. MOXed TfB hm first boss the other day, mine is only in full rakata, with 1 BH item (ear piece) rest of the raid was full BH. i did 1426 dps by the end of the fight, top DPS was a mara with 1436 dps.

and on the TD discusssion, i dont use it, pointless, i also dont use IM either, flame bust gives me my dot i need, i only use FB, RS, RP, Rshots and my dps in rakata is around 1300-1400. IM is far to high an energy cost to ever warrant me using. and i find putting the points for TD into aim more productive.
lvl 55 PT DPS, ToFN Server