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My Main used to be a Merc (Arsenal). Angelix on The Shadowlands, you can look up logs on TORParse if you wish. I played this toon in a PVE environment (Operations) for the past year, up to and including Hardmode TFB (Working on Kephess) and Nightmare Denova (working on Firebrand/Stormcaller).

My Main is now a Powertech (Pyro) named Dragonstyle on The Shadowlands. In equivalent gear I am routinely putting out 300 dps more, despite the fact that I've only been playing my Powertech as dps for about a week and a half, which is when I hit level 50. I only have a couple of logs posted to TORParse, but they definitely show the potential of Powertech dps. That said, I'm still learning how best to manage my Heat, as it is far more touch and go than Mercenary.

My dps increase over Merc on Target Dummies (6-8 minute sample) with full buffs was roughly 200 to 300 dps single target. Both specs have about the same AOE damage, though the Powertech is more constrained by heat than the Mercenary.

The key to powertech is monitoring heat and procs and maintaining a Dot, whereas with merc the challenge is mobility.

My Gear level is about 60% Dread Guard, 40% Campaign.

Hopefully that answers your Mercenary vs Powertech question =)