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Actually, the instant power shot/tracer missile debate did not run its course. Instead, it was abandoned and replaced with inferior ideas. The notion of "fixing" the merc quickly devolved into an endless spiraling debate of extended compromises that continually reduce any possible benefit to the merc. In the end, if anything was to be implemented, the merc would end up with a .5% damage increase to heatseeker missiles, a 10% damage reduction to tracer missile, and a self-inflicted slow whenever power shot is used. This is the inevitable result of compromise. And it also becomes a stalling tactic. Whenever, if ever, this debate is resolved, SWTOR will be in version 4.8 (if the game lasts that long). And by that point there will be roughly three remaining mercs in game. And they will have endured further nerfs and will have the combined effectiveness of a womp rat in PVP.

The simple truth of the matter is that the merc needs something drastic and perhaps even a bit over-powered in order to become viable in PVP. Anything less than that is a waste of time.
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