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You're forgetting a number of key factors. For one, Kaan's Sith were largely WEAK. And Revan treated his followers well, which included Aliens. And they had a Power Structure. Kaan didn't. And there weren't "20k Sith Lords". He had that many 'sith' under his command, but not all of them had the Lord title. Only a fraction of them did, because only a fraction of them had the capability to become Lords. Kaan isn't nearly as charismatic as Revan, and the problem with Kaan's plan is quite simple; if all Lords are equal in status to Kaan, why should any of them listen to him at all?

One of the primary reasons why all the Sith and Dark Jedi follow Revan is because they Know, without any doubt, that he is powerful. He's proven it. He's demonstrated his unparallelled skill. He did what no one else could do. What did Kaan do? He got angry at his Brother, cried, ran away, and made his own club to get back at his bro for picking on him. That was basically it.

Also, you're forgetting that Battle Meditation isn't just used to Bolster your own forces, it is used to diminish the morale and Weaken your adversaries as well. I will also point out that it was Bastila using her BM to do this, not Kaan. Kaan required a Meditation Chamber to even use it effectively. Bastila did not. BM for Kaan is more of a Crutch, since he had to use it constantly just to keep his own followers in line. Anyone strong enough to resist him, like Bane, aren't going to fall under his sway. Ka'sim was too strong to be swayed, but he had few options as to what he could do in the big picture.

It's not known if Revan could use BM or not. However, Revan did not require it. Revan had strategy. He was a brilliant tactician and has some of the best military leaders working for him. Pretty much everything is in Revan's favor.
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