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You could have said "P2W Cartel market Items" or the "timing of the RotHC announcement" in relation to marketing Blah..Blah ... Blah and it would have been 100% true.

You start talking about handing over decisions about changes to gear progression & then all you can say to back it up is, "I spend time with my marketing people"?

This idea you have about "free Tionese gear is a scam", is just tinfoil hat BS.

The F2P players already had to buy the artifact unlock just to spend daily comms on anything other than schematics, or just to equip the mods that drop from the daily heroics. They were already buying that unlock if they wanted to continue their toons into the endgame AT ALL. Giving them Tionese, just let them skip the dailies and get straight to doing HMs & OPs.

If you had said they gave away Tionese to boost the purchase of HM and OPs weekly passes... I might have believed that. But guess what.... they were going to start buying those after 5 runs through the dailies anyway. Forcing them to buy an unlock or watch all their ingame credits go into escroe. If they passed on doing the dailies because of the free Tionese ~ why would they go back and buy the unlock for Section X? Just to get HK-51? If they havn't bought crafting & GTN unlocks the comp & schematics are worthless to them. So-- how exactly again did giving away Tionese boost money revenue from the CC market? If anything it probably hurt cash shop revenue.

If you've spent any time with any marketing people and you've acted on more than %0.1 of their ideas about how your existing products should be changed ~ you've made them into product designers when their job is to SELL the product in front of them, and figure out why people do or don't buy it. Letting marketing people design a product is like watching little kids pretend to drive a car. If EA/BW is stupid enough to let the marketing department design products, why did they bother hiring any engineers? I ask, because if their marketing department designs better content than their engineers, they could sell anything. So again you're saying that EA/BW is "just that stupid" & "deviously brilliant" at the same time.

This game doesn't even have a marketing budget anymore beyond what it takes to moderate and maintain the SWTOR web media pressence, banner adds, and attend game cons. It's been that way for eleven months. And given the wonderful job that the SWTOR market analysis team has done at understanding the behavior of this game's consumers, I doubt any EA/BW exec will even let them design a used tissue when it comes to this game. Most of them have probably been fired over it.

Any F2P player smart enough to itemize their gear isn't going to buy any of the cartel unlocks into the endgame- they're going to see they need to sub or quit. The prices of the cartel unlocks are calculated to encourage that decision.

They're giving away Tionese because the gear gap between Tionese & BH itemized with campaign armorings ~ is too big.
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