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A couple points about the Sith:

Sith are more likely to defect to Kaan's side. The concept of "being equal" to everyone would seems very appealing to the force users under Revan's command. After all, being a Sith is all about power. If Kaan is offering power equal to his own to defectors, they'd be fools not to accept.

Also, 20,000 Sith Lords means 20,000 Sith Lords ready to train apprentices. Sith have been know to take more than one, and it doesn't take long to teach the dark side. It might take a while to master it, but it seems like you can become a Sith rather easily. Kaan's Sith forces could double or even triple if this war is extended.

And lastly, on battle meditation. This has been largely overlooked. Consider this: Battle Meditation enabled a battered and worn post- Jedi Civil War Republic fleet to battle the full might of the functioning Star Forge. They held out and even won against those forces. Add Sith and a stronger fleet, and battle meditation could very well be the fall of the Star Forge forces, for sure when it's not creating more and more as the battle goes on.
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