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Don't know if you check your own thread frequently but here's a build I used and had fun with.

Key to playing this build is pretty simple.
1. Use High Energy Cell
2. Use Hold the Line on every CD
3. Gut Everyone and always use HiB after
4. Use Fire Pulse and Stockstrike
5. Use Ion Pulse
6. Use Pulse Cannon and Mortar Volley on every CD and try to hit multiple targets
7. Move a lot
8. CC and run when targeted

Know the pros and cons of this build .. or pretty much any tactics build with HEC
1. It's Squishy
2. Takes some effort to get high DPS
3. Not ranged and very melee
1. No need to care about ammo > allows the constant spamming of ammo consuming abilities
2. Very Mobile > If you use Hold the Line constantly (has low cd) you're like a tazmanian devil going around and gutting every enemy
3. A wide variety of abilities you can unleash in a rotation
4. It is melee

Gear > go for combat tech and doesn't need as much accuracy as assualt builds so can go for more power,crit,surge etc.s
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