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I finally got all the new grade 7 space ship parts and went to try some of the new space missions.

I managed to complete the 3 top tier OLD space missions with ship parts ranked 5 and I was thinking to myself that with rank 7 upgrades for rank 7 space ship missions it will take me 1-2 tries to master it.

BUT oh boy... tried cha rabba or what ever it's called.... mine field will take you down even with shield boost with power converter in 2 seconds... very hard punch. then you get a combo of evading rocks\activating right converter mod\ regenerate shield and actually shoot stuff to complete the mission.
very hard indeed.

I get the feeling that there was a way too much increase in difficulty from old missions to the new ones, fact is with all of my alts I've done all space missions and it's one of my favorite parts of the game yet I find this new missions extremely harsh on any tiny mistake in way making it too much hard to actually enjoy this.

I don't deny it's possible indeed to complete them but right now they are not leveled in their difficulty, they are all in same difficulty level so at least for me they are not fun and I'm not going to try them again at least until I've covered the other content in the game.
The missions are easy if you know how to use 10 button (mouse * 2, AWSD and 1234). I can pass some of them witthout any damage to my armor. The old space missions were too easy. I could pass them using a single hand, and without any problem.

For the minefiled, use 2 before entering the zone, 3 just after the little "safe zone", then 4 when the fregate is close enough. If your timing is right, you won't lose any armor. Skipping the rocks is easy, just focus on the rocks. Holy Hell, I'm far rom beging good in this kind of games, but go play a good old shoot them up (R-Type, Zero Wing, etc) to understand the meaning of "difficult".