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I am currently in a guild that was promising at first now I just wait around for enough members to come on to do something. I have completed most OPS that a player can do being invited to raids with other guilds. I want the feeling of achievement that only comes from completing a HM OPS. I am on pretty much everyday waiting to get invited to go on raids.. Lets face it the numbers are low on our server and not many guilds are raiding so they say groups are full. My Bounty Hunter has all 61 and 63 gear so you could say I am geared for raids. Please reply to this post with your guilds information if you would like to see how skilled I am at RDPS. If you don't have the numbers to raid please don't invite me to your guild. Something needs to change soon or I am going to quit playing SWTOR and move on to WOW. Thought I'd never have to stoop this low.
There are some guilds out there that will take you on for example my guild on the Empire side is Euphoria we are looking for members of any level that want to join up and focus on End game content but i am not throwing out a recruitment advertisement, i am just saying there are many guilds out there it just ends up being a bit of a gamble to find the right one.
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