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I'm sorry dude, but I truly believe you are wrong. I spend alot of my time at work with our marketing team and this is exactly the sort of thing I see them do on a day in, day out bases. You think they don't charge for the gear acquisition for a reason? And then after f2p hits, they release this?? The hurdle wasn't that high. You had purple boes that people sell, daily mods and all kinds of ways to gear up for hard modes.

It's cool you can't see this for what it is. You believe that they devs aren't smart enough to make a competent game, so how could they have cooked up something like this? Well, bioware didn't come up with this idea, the suits at EA did. And they have been doing this a long time. Look at ship parts in the cartel market, or the level 10 +41 color crystals, or all the better looking gear in the cartel market. This all screams marketing. It's plain and simple. The best money makers out there, find ways to get you to part with your money without you fully knowing it. You think Amazon Prime free 2 day shipping was cooked up by someone who just wanted to give everyone free shipping? Do you think free shipping is trully free? I suggest you look into marketing more. It might help you save some of your money in the future.
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