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I imagine you're right- we will eventually get to a point where the first PvP set is artifact grade. - but it will be because of gear inflation.

Let me get this straight, this forum is full of people who believe EA/BW is too incompetent to make the game a success, but you think they're smart enough to "scam" the F2P crowd with free Tionese gear?

Who's scamming who? I can't for the life of my understand why they made it F2P all the way to level 50, when the story content is the biggest draw to the game. If they had cut it off at the end of Act 2, they would have got more money out of F2P kids. And it wouldn't have impacted endgame crafting at all.

They gave the sets away because a fresh 50's in level 50 mods can't keep up with the 733t douche bags they meet in group finder. They introduced another tier of engame gear - so they retired the first tier No conspiracy... no marketing geeeneeeeusing.. ~ end of story.

Crafting is never going to keep up with engame gear - because if it does, there is no reason to play at at endgame. It never has -- it never will. I like to craft - I do it on all of my toons, but I've aceepted that as a fact.
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