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12.30.2012 , 04:55 PM | #510
Just an addendum in regards to some of the posts about using other sites or working on other sites without a problem. I also was able to do this. Including working on some fairly high graphic sites. All this said, I found my problem on the ISP track. I did not accept the word of someone that they were fine and I was wrong. I made them check and did the check with them. I have been in business for over 35 years. I know the first thought in any customer service persons mind is, QUOTE: It is not a problem on our part. UNQUOTE.

This applies not only to Bioware, but to your ISP as well. I did not allow my ISP to get away with just a signal check, that showed I was in great shape. I made them go through the trace with me. As I said in my previous post.
Oh my. It is a problem on our end

The thing is this game uses massive graphics. It taxes many computers to their limits and even on high end systems like mine, it taxes the ISP connection to it's limit.

I work online now, and as stated, most of my work could be done just fine with that packet loss. However when using such high graphics and suck massive packets, that packet loss stopped the game.

IF your ISP is working perfectly, continue to post tickets and update them with as much information as you can.
Try doing a frame rate test, during play hit control + shift + F. This will open the frame rate monitor at the bottom left of your screen, It is very small and hard to see, but it is usually green and has numbers that should range from 25 to 45+ . This is another piece of information that may help Bioware help you.

IF we are all polite and try to work with them, I feel they will try to work with us. I know it is frustrating. BELIEVE ME.

I have very little patience. However when I am wrong I fully admit I am wrong. I feel Bioware is trying. At least that is the experience I have now. I wish they could be faster to respond, but as I said earlier, there are only a few of them and thousands of us.

I was as quick to blame as anyone. And now I find I am eating crow as the problem as not theirs or mine, but my ISP's Give them what information you can. If possible give them your email in a ticker.

Do NOT post it here as you will most likely get tons of people sending you emails that you don't want. lol.

While I am not defending them outright, I now can understand them a bit better and am willing to work with them as they are working with me.

I hate eating crow. It is so nasty. But humble pie is better than sour grapes. LOL>

I was wrong at least in regards to my lag issues and thus I say I was wrong.

My suggestion. We do our best to help the CS department to help us.

Thanks for reading my post.