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12.30.2012 , 04:39 PM | #28
since 1.4 i am having 5 to 6 crashes a day as well. average is 1h 50m. i did a 7day study of my play time to see how many and how often i crash. in the 7 days i played 57hr. ( this was not 7 days in a row, i work 24hr shifts every 4th day). i had 31 crashes. 12 crashes were < 1 hr, 10 crashes < 2hr, 9 crashes > 2hr. longest was 3h 45m. (only time i went longer than 3 hr). the shortest was 13min, had one at 15min. but every day i crashed at about the 20min mark. i have 10 toons that i go through at the start of every day i play for crew skill stuff, every time when i get to the 9th toon i crash, thats about the 20 min mark. most crashes where during loading but i had crashes with opening stuff, clicking on stuff even running a couple of times. as i said all this has been since 1.4. before that i had 1 or 2 a week now 5 to 6 a day. this is my biggest complaint with the game. the many bugs i come across i can live with but the stability issues need to get fixed, however we all know that they will not fix them since "its our computers, not the game" that is causing the crashes. /rolls eyes