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Some of you may have read my earlier posts on this subject. IF so you know that I was pretty adamant about what was going on and how frustrated I was becoming, especially as a subscriber.

Now I shall relate the next chapter of the tale. LOL.

After more tickets than I care to count, I did finally get a reply and response from the Customer Service Department of BIoware. The first thing they did was to apologize for being so long in getting to my issue. They did not give excuses, but simply apologized and then started to walk me through various steps to identify the problem.

They were apologetic about having me go through the initial steps one more time, however once that happened, one of the service reps actually contacted my in game and stayed on with me for nearly an hour. She ran different tests including a frame rate test, in order to try to identify the cause of my severe lag issue.

After 3 path ping checks we found what looks to be the problem. BTW, the reason for that post from customer service here is to help those with problems like mine. Not to give an excuse.

Now, I am still working to resolve the issue, however my particular problem with huge lags and lock outs, had NOTHING to do with my computer, or my router. That said , it had NOTHING to do with Bioware's servers either.

What seems to be causing the problem was in fact my ISP. My internet service provider. After working with Bioware, and doing the path ping test several times, we discovered that the server hub of my ISP was dropping between 78 and 80% of the packet. That is huge.

I contacted my ISP and after a little discussion managed to get one of their tech's on the phone with me. We ran another path ping and low and behold, the packet drop WAS on their end, In the first major server my path hops to.

{For those who were like me and did not know this, the signal goes from your computer to your router, to your local ISP server, to one of the ISP's main servers, and on to another Server, ect. This happens anywhere from 8 to 30 times before you get to the BIoware server depending on what style of internet you have and where you are located and which Bioware server your connecting to.}

In any event, after talking to my ISP agent and doing the path ping with them to verify, they agreed that they had a problem on their end.

This call was yesterday. Today my ISP provider checked the local lines and found a problem with them. This actually reduced my packet drop from 78% yo 49%. Helps but not enough. The ISP is also going to check the server at the location having the issue and if they cannot resolve that they are going to reroute my path to a less busy server.

I am telling all of this as I was probably one of the hardest on Bioware's customer service with my remarks and comments. If I am paying for something I expect to get what I pay for. Though I am sorry that it took them so long to get back to me and to help resolve the problem, I have to think that I am probably one of thousands they have to deal with. All this said, they did try to help and are in fact still working with me until the issue is resolved.

My suggestion to you all, is to follow their advice. Post your path ping or put that information in a ticket. A ticket would be more private. This can help them to see if the problem is not so much your computer but your service provider.

BTW. I am at 54 Mgps on my connection. Even with that speed, the packer loss killed the game.

The steps they had me do was to check if all drivers, video , gaming and sound were up to date.
Then remove all unnecessary start programs. BTW I had wanted to get rid of a few of those anyway lol.
Then the path ping test.
They had me redo the launcher diagnostic however I think that was just to verify that everything was in fact cool on my end.
As I stated. My problem was found in the path ping. any packet loss over 15-20% is a huge problem. More than one packet loss is detrimental.

This is how they had me do a path ping. I have a windows 7 64 bit system so it may be a bit different for you if you have a different system.

1. Go to search
2. Type 'cmd' right click on the icon and choose run as administrator
3. When the command window opens type in the following
Pathping save in a notepad file)
4.After this type in Tracert save in a notepad file)

If you do not want to post the files, put them in a ticket for the customer service to look over. I found updated tickets get the most attention lol.

OR you can look at the file and just copy the line where there is anything over 0% packet loss. Post that or send that via a ticket.

As frustrated as I was, I must say that the people who have been working with me from customer service have been very professional and gracious. I am a bit of a skeptic and do not take much at face value, however I honestly believe that those who are working with me are sincere in their desire and efforts to solve my issue.

I hope this helps some of you.