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Rafeesh almost jumped surprise, when he heard Merena and Kregan. He was able to hold it in though. He smiled as he waited for everyone to speak their piece. He would talk if needed but he would stay silent until then. Wow, just wow. You never saw that one coming did you? He thought to himself.She has been quietly holding those feelings. You are not sure how many people may have seen them, but you know. That is the important part. Yah you are right. I didn't think I would ever speak like that to you. I had thought that we would once you were passed away. But it seems that not just you want to stay. Just remember to control yourself, you are dangerous but kept in check should be alright. I plan on keeping myself in control. As long as the other voice is gone, my power should be much easier to control and to conceal. Though I have been thinking, do you know what may come to pass if i continue this way. No I do not. There is much shadow and I cannot see through. I am sorry. I will let you know if anything comes to my eyes. Guess that means you are staying for now. Yes. But I will not try to force you into anything, only give you suggestion.
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