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Honestly, they lied. You can't hit those numbers on a Jugg tank. It's EITHER 30/50/50 or massive HP and lower mitigation.
I managed 29.4k hp, 29.74% Defense chance, 49.84% Shield chance, and 50.44% Absorb with Ask Mr Robot, which is close enough to 30/50/50 with 30k hp in most people's mind. It's not really an optimal stat allocation: I had to the absolute best gear possible, use all Fortitude augs, all Endurance heavy mods and armoring, and then play around with the enhancements to get more Endurance at the cost of shield without affecting the absorb/defense ratio. EWH Defense relics are required to get the passive defense and Endurance. It's not really optimal since you're just dumping Endurance on Endurance while purposefully handicapping your mitigation growth based on an arbitrary suboptimal assignment of roughly equal stacking (you want a lot more Defense than you're capping yourself at to get to the optimal ratio because Guardians don't have enough Shield/Absorb to make stacking them as effective as Shadows and VGs get).
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