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12.30.2012 , 03:45 PM | #18
Yes of course, many Mandalorians have killed Jedi. Jango Fett being one of them. But this is a very vague question, not every 'fully honed Mandalorian' can beat a Jedi. And not ever Jedi can beat a 'fully honed Mandalorian' - it all depends on the situation, and the skills of the combatant. However overall on the Jedi vs Mandalorian front, Jedi win - not always, but mostly.

But for the record, my BH (who became a Mandalorian) - killed a lot of stupid, arrogant Jedi. So yeah, Fenrus the Mandalorian > all Jedi, all Jedi. Even you Master Yoda, even you. (hooray for plot armour!)