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As mentioned by posters above dread guard relic cost 300 dailies exactly, and can be purchased at the daily vendors in the daily areas (Illum, Belsavis, Section X and the Blackhole), but they are generally weaker than WH relics. If the companion you use is under geared, you can buy armoring/mods/enhancements and hilts/barrels from their. They cost 8 commendation a piece.

For you HP, it looks like you did not augment your gear. There are total of 14 pieces you can augment, and top tier augments add 12-18 endurance each. If you go with the 12 endurance (since they add more stats), that would add a total of 1,680 HP (12x14x10). My gear is comparable to yours (all WH with 3 EWH) and I am running 18,700 HP without endurance buff.