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12.30.2012 , 02:17 PM | #1
Hello SWTOR Guilds,

I'm a new player to SWTOR and I'm madly in love with this game! My only hang up is that I don't know anyone in game, aside from flashpoint I might as well be playing offline. In my experience being part of a guild always makes a game more compelling and consequently more entertaining. I'm not looking for handouts or even a whole lot of help with quests or anything like that, I suppose I'm just looking comradery more than anything else. I mentioned I'm new to the game and I pretty much mean brand new. I started a number of days ago and I'm only a level 13 Shadow at the time of this message. Message me in game if your guild has an opening that you might want me to fill and we can discuss anything that needs discussing, my in game name is "Yolani."

Thank you all