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i've read your posts and kinda figured i'd get this reaction.

i was merely trying to debate, not tell you how to play or get defensive.

i've been a Merc since it was Firebug. i know a little bit, too. was just adding some simple ideas. but, i understand how people get when you disagree with their ideas.
the suggestions you make *would not* help. the instant Power Shot debate has already run its course. click the link in the OP for the original thread if you care to read it all.

Merc =/= sniper. if you want Sniper's ranged mechanics, they already have a class for that. there is no point doing a complete makeover of Merc to make it into a Sniper with dual pistols. it would be more effective to allow Merc to re-choose their class and become a sniper straight out.

i welcome you to disagree with my ideas. such disagreements have greatly changed these suggestions from what they originally were (and improved them imo). but you need to actually defend your argument.
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