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Well... for one, this screenshot link does not work, and two... the last 2 pages of this post were about discussing how I didn't believe it was possible for a shadow to get a 10k+ hit on anything... and what it would require to even try to get that... so I don't know...

Look, if you're going to accept a 12k smash you have to accept a 10k maul....

I was highly surprised when I saw the high hit, and sure, it could have been some sort of error, but if we're going to deny maul/shadow strikes because they are extra-ordinary then all of the 10k+ sweeps/smashes need to be taken down as well because they fall under the same boat.

I have a fully min-maxed guardian, and I've hit under-geared players fro around ~9k, but it would take the stars aligning for you to hit any single individual for 12k without a deliberate setup.