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I hear this a lot - that Merc damage output is fine. But it simply is NOT true. When piloted by a top player, damage output for Jugg & Mara is about 50% higher than for Merc (1. 2million vs. 800k). Sorc damage output is about 25% higher than Merc, with 1 million being a notable mark. Operative damage output is roughly similar to that of Merc, but with higher survivability and much higher utility. This is the nut of the problem - at the higher player skill levels, Merc dps has the lowest damage output, the lowest survivability AND the lowest utility. It is hands down the WORST subclass in the game. Meanwhile BW thinks that Merc dps is OP because it dominates PvP amongst low skill players. BW simply has been unable to understand that there is a dynamic between player skill and class balance that they have not addressed. It has been this way for 12 months.
Jugg & Mara DPS is overpowered........
and i think it is worth pointing out, that in order to even approach 800k, let alone surpass it on any class, is far more dependent on what the opposing teams composition is.
and yes, balance needs to be based on the highest level of play.

Why is it that any buff given to Mercs must be given to all classes? isn't the whole point of Mara, PT, Operative and Sorc that they can do something that NO ONE else can? Merc will always be the red headed stepchild until it does something no other class can. Uh, and I don't count that Merc gets laughed at more than any other class as meeting that requirement.
well i do think that all healers should be able to cure all debuffs when spec'd into it. it would be cool for Merc to be unique in that way, but for well balanced PvP, all healers should have something so basic as being able to actually cure debuffs.
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