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12.30.2012 , 01:47 PM | #2479
@ Thatghost: I expect IA + Temple is rare because 1) IA is less played, compared to say, almost everyone else besides Consular and 2) Temple's only romanceable if you're male. I can recall only 3 routinely-written Agents in this thread: Sha'ra'zaed (female), Rochester (involved with Broan), and Winston (not interested in Temple). You go right ahead and give her a personality!

@ Isoviel: You can actually make that combo on the character creation screen--though you'd need to buy a new monitor afterward.

@ Tatile: There is no late, there is Zombie Prompt. And in light of their earlier conversations, I too wonder what Rochester would make of that law. It also makes wonder about all the other non-human/non-pureblood Sith and their social standing relative to everyone else. That's got to be an awkward dynamic at important functions.

@ Irissa: I like the parallels with Randall and Minalde.