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your posts in this thread , enough said .
Still waiting to see how any of my posts are 'trolling'.

Question: What Is 'Trolling'?
Answer: Internet 'trolling' is the anti-social act of causing of interpersonal conflict and shock-value controversy online.

we're trying to do something positive and you're already making it negative.
I'm not making it negative, I'm stating the truth. If you take it negative, then that's your problem - not mine.

otherwise refer to your attention seeking troll in general chat everyday on fleet.
An emotional response. Seems more of a personal, unrelated issue to this thread. Perhaps you've finally found a place to vent?

The end move on if you don't want to contribute in a positive way to our ideas here.
Don't mind if this turns out to be a positive outcome. All I stated was the truth. I suppose the truth is 'negative'?

If you really want to help and actually make ranked a thriving environment, then give feedback. Post in the suggestion box, get in contact with devs etc. Do something that would actually make the game grow, universally.
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