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Umm wolf, at best obi-wan fought to a stand still.

Just because a jedi has the force doesn't mean he can see every danger, react as fast a superman and defeat any threat without breaking a sweat.

Sorry it doesn't work like that.

If it did, in Phantom Menace, Qui-gon and Obi-wan would of made mincemeat of those droidikas and taken over the ship instead of running like hell.

Give you an example. If i set mines, high fire repeating blasters, flame throwers and melee combat plus a few grenades for good measure, do you think a jedi could stop that all at once. Yeah he could avoid it, or have a feeling of immense danger, then i could start with one, then overload him with so many threats at once, you wouldn't know whether to crap or go blind.

The force is not the end all be all trump card. Yes it is an advantage, but one that can be circumvented. This is why I hate people saying that "nobody can take a jedi" Umm...considering many have taken down and or killed jedi in the past, i think evidence points to the opposite.

Again I say, if a Mando or hell a smuggler if you want, prepared the battlefield, shaped it to his advantage and used everything, INCLUDING the force usage of the jedi to his advantage, yes he can win and win easily.
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