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12.30.2012 , 11:39 AM | #9
Really nice thing you are doing with this - fair play to you!

Anyhoo - I would really like if you would select me as I am a huge fan of the game - been following it since early 2009 - ordered the CE version on the first day - got to test out the game during some of the Beta weekends - then been here since the beginning of Early Access - have been constantly subbed since then and have pre-ordered RotHC expansion - I have 7 lvl 50s and am working on my 8th - I play all classes on both sides - but my main is Gunslinger Smuggler (most fun class to play imo)!

I would really like the Taun Faun as I have most of the other pets on my main - from the events and vendors and the ones obtainable in-game - I would like to have the complete list as I love doing all Codex entries and completing all quests etc.

So thanks again for this and if I don't get chosen I just hope whoever gets them is as big a fan as me of the game!
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