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I would love to have a Taun Faun, and I too am a CE owner, have been subscribed since release, and have RotC preordered since it was announced... but I don't want it for myself actually. You see, about a month ago I finally conned my dad into joining me in the game (you know, to rule the galaxy as father and son ), and he's been avidly playing SWTOR ever since. He even subscribed himself by the time his smuggler left Ord Mantell. This is probably the first game he's really taken an interest in since I was a little kid playing my original Nintendo, and needless to say it's been quite a learning curve for him. Nevertheless, he has made remarkable progress with his smuggler, to the point that we've managed to 2-man Heroic 4's and even a couple of the early flashpoints. It's probably the most time we've spent together since I moved out of my parent's house a decade ago!

My characters have plenty of pets, but he doesn't have any. He's seen my characters being chased by bats, mini-robots, and other critters including the Taun Taun ram, which he liked but alas cannot get since it was a giveaway at the launch of the legacy system. I've told him we'll be able to get him an Orokeet on Alderaan (assuming we can actually get the egg) but won't be able to hatch it until Tattooine. The Taun Faun, a much rarer pet, would certainly be a cooler starting pet for him, and better since I'm sure he'd like the Faun more.

He doesn't browse the forums as far as I know, but if you choose me, just message me and I can send you his account name so you can send the code directly to him if you'd like. Regardless of who you pick, thanks for running this awesome little contest for the community!
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