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I don't think its worth it. Level 27 mods are currently selling at cost of materials or below. The only profit to be made is off crit crafts. Avg cost for mod is around 1.2 mill which is below the cost of mats. Lets say you invest 6 mill to buy 5 and learn recipe. Now you're only making a profit off crit crafted mods. If you crit once out of 5 crafts then then comes out to a mere 200k profit per mod. You'd have to sell more than 30 mods to start turning a profit. I guess you could get lucky and learn recipe sooner but could always take +5 tries too.
Is anyone actually buying the level 26 and 27 item mods other than those who RE them?

At 1.2M or thereabouts each, I am looking at 20M+ to gear to level 27 and at 500K each about 10M to 26. It is interesting to note that the stats on level 26 and 27 gear are hugh compared to those on the level 22 purples that non raider crafters can make. I guess in the end, thngs seem really out of whack with to much progression (for raiders only) and to much price for others. The pricing may be justified considering the cost of the mats. but that does not mean that the price makes sense.

Sorry to ramble, but the higher end crafting just does not make any sense to me. It seems to restrict the crafting of the highest level item mods to those who do not need them and result in a price so high that those who would need and buy them either can't afford them or who refuse to spend an obscene amount of credits for them.