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Way to change the topic of this thread... This thread is attemptiong to stitch together our server. Help New PvPers out, Make Rated Warzones a fun thing instead of a stressful thing, etc. At the moment Ranked matches are so few and far between because of this mentality that it brings along. I think A positive outcome for this thread will change that.
Not to rain on your parade, or what not - but these threads and ideas have been around since the launch of ranked warzones. There's a reason why they seemingly never succeed in the longrun. The very working of ranked is unpolished and flawed.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpaniardInfinity View Post
It is, but it's also not entirely the dev's fault. The game is what the players make it and as it stands, the majority prefer to play unranked and/or twink in lowbies. It remains to be seen in cross-serve queues will be added, I really hope it saves this game's competitive PvP.
Honestly it's a 'fool's hope' if you think X-Server will save ranked. It's comparable to server merges. It will only be a temporal effect that sweeps the bigger problem under the carpet. You cannot blame the players if the interest is not there, then try to generate interest. You're basically trying to do the work of the makers. Do you see people setting up arena q's on WoW?

Not to derail the topic, but be realistic about the situation.
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