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Doesn't anyone else think it's kind of sad you need to PLAN ranked warzones in an MMO? This community sure is 'thriving'.
It is, but it's also not entirely the dev's fault. The game is what the players make it and as it stands, the majority prefer to play unranked and/or twink in lowbies. It remains to be seen in cross-serve queues will be added, I really hope it saves this game's competitive PvP.

ON TOPIC: I know it might not be the greatest idea and it may be tricky to set up, but we could do something of a "kickball" night. In other words we'll have a few captains that choose their teams. You can only have 3 players per guild at a maximum (and no, all of your alternate guilds count as one LD50, :P). I agree that teams that are trying to get better organized should be allowed to queue with their full team or close to it.
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