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I really wish people stop considering mandalorians special.

Yes they can beat a jedi just like everyone else can depending on the situation.

Jedi are powerfull, skillfull but hardly invincebol.

A untrained civilion could kill a jedi if he gets a lucky shot.(same with sith)

The main advantage of the jedi lies in the fact there very well trained.

Darth traya sayed it herself.
That the mandalorian time was gone and future mandalorian would die to easly to a jedi blade.

Manadalorian's are capebol warriors.
So are troopers, bounty hunter, commando's etc

Fighting a jedi is like fighting a shao-lin monk difficult but winable.

Beside if you know there combat style(and many do) you just bring counters.

After all a lightsaber isnt going to stop: mines rockets flametrowers etc.
It only stop blasters(and if you rewatch the sith intro move you see it even stop ship blasters but only blasters)
knowledge is power.
use it well.

Good players take any and all advantages they can get, actually. It's why they are good.