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12.30.2012 , 08:21 AM | #23
Well, i'm armormech and synthweaver.
I still do profit like 500k / day on both combinded (1M on weekend peaks) with minimum effort. I buy all materials off GTN (as going off on purely gathering is time waste). I just buy materials only if there is good price (in my book it's up to 500 per piece). If i dont have mats for particular goods, i dont panic and buy for like 1k a piec mats - i just wait, dont craft it and in day or 2 i get my price ...
I craft 90% only belts and bracers (the least materials, the biggest prices) I craft only orange versions. The purples are nosellers.
I still do good. You need to take in consideration, that ppl also like their companions, so they buy belts etc etc for them ... every alt you start it's up to 5 companions to gear up ....
Robes, pants etc are not good since you can all get from loot / quests (with a few exceptions, since few robes / pants are cool looking - but it's scarce). It takes me let's say hour a day to log on both crafts, buy mats, do sales. For my part is still consider it well spent time.