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I first heard about the game in 2008, but didn't get around to registering on the forums for a few months (Jan. 2009, I believe). I was a daily visitor to the forums, which may or may not have contributed to the years of torture to wait for the release date.

When the Guild Pre-Launch Program was implemented, my guild , <Wizard>, (of which I was the GM) was created within the first day, and therefore was one of the first guilds active on Belgoth's Beacon. I was accepted into the Beta testing in August of 2011, and was a full-time tester until the servers were shut down before Early Access began.

The minute that the Collector's Edition went on pre-sale, I was mashing my F5 key repeatedly and secured my copy in the first wave. I have played on a daily basis since the first day of Early Access, and have carried a subscription from the start.

Due to server merges and players leaving over time, I find myself in a new guild, but I am still having as much fun as ever. I can say confidently that I have seen nearly all of the content within the game, and I am currently about to finish my sixth class story out of eight, with plans to complete them all.

Most recently, I have pre-ordered Rise of the Hutt Cartel the day it became available.

As one can see, I have been a huge supporter and fanatic of this game (and Star Wars, in general). I have no plans to end my subscription or stop playing, and I am looking forward to the future of the game.