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I have a 50 Shadow and a 29 Assassin, and I have NEVER had a stealth problem. Granted my Shadow is a tank, but I've done all FPs up to Cad. with my Assassin with NO detection problems. Could be the tree. Could be the way I'm doing it. IDK. I know that in T5 there are TWO spots you have to unstealth and also a spot or two in Maelstorm, other than that ... I have no problem putting out high dps on my assassin even when I don't go in steathing.

Also ... I've read all the threads so far about this ... One question: WHY DPS Operatives?! They are only great in pvp ... in pve they don't do so well. (Honestly, I don't mind them, but I've never heard of a raiding guild that runs with a DPS Operative ... I hope someone proves me wrong but I've only ever heard very very bad stuff about them.)

But I doubt Bioware will fix this ... Look at all the other stuff they haven't touched. Don't mind if they fix it, but please don't hold your breath.
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