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12.30.2012 , 05:53 AM | #1
Hey guys. I've started some characters on this server. I had played and quit just as oceanic went live. Would you recommend playing characters here on just bite the bullet and join a NA server?

I want to support the servers here and though I enjoy the lvling process of this game. BUT Is less ping worth less chances to play PVP/Flashes endgame (from what I have been reading)?

There is also the thought that perhaps they will actually merge the servers and then I would have characters stuck on a NA server. Rerolling is not out of the question for me, but I certainly can't play as much as I would like with RL commitments etc, so rerolling wouldn't be too nice down the line.

It's a tough choice for me with the future of the servers and current traffic being in the air.