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The Minder nodded and sipped his coffee thoughtfully. "A very honest answer. Your efforts in that direction so far are rather amateurish, understandably, but the assessment was that they showed considerable promise. I'm sure you would have succeeded and probably done very well out of it, if we hadn't intervened."

The boy blushed scarlet and the Minder smiled briefly. "We could certainly support and use you in both areas, you know. Intelligence does a lot of research, mostly via the Imperial Science Bureau. We have a number of projects set up in the biomedical and technical areas and more planned. And naturally we spend a lot of time gathering information and hacking the various holonets. Rather less of the credit transferring, obviously.” The boy blushed again, but the Minder continued. “However, we think you have the skills for active fieldwork, as an Imperial Agent."

A yearning look was added to the boy's expression, but awkward to the end, he asked, "What happens if I say no?"

"You walk out of here. And we keep on watching you forever. Remember: useful, or dangerous."

“Dangerous how?”

“Highly able and intelligent but disaffected people have a tendency to become the brains of criminal enterprises, up to and including violent terrorism. Nuclei around which lesser criminals and street thugs coalesce, becoming organised and far more destructive than if left to their own devices. Things which destabilise the Empire.”

The boy nodded. "What about my parents? Can they object or anything?"

The Minder shook his head. "You're legally an adult, it's your decision. As soon as you turned sixteen this approach was scheduled. The expulsion merely brought it forward a little. And made it a little more interesting, for both of us."

"They'll be glad to get me off their hands, most likely. I'm trouble, they always preferred my good little well-behaved brother and sister anyway." The boy's tone was sneering, but with a tiny hint of wistfulness. He put his empty cup down on the table and went to stare out of the window again.
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