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12.30.2012 , 01:03 AM | #542
1) Harbinger
2) All characters
3) After an hour but before 2 hours of playing
4) Nothing out of the ordinary, but it has a better chance of happening if it requires loading like when entering Tatooine, Hoth, Voss, etc. or on fleet, but never before an hour of playing.
6) I don't have a reliability report cause I ctrl+alt+del everytime it freezes and just close processes. It says not responding.
7) It is a crash cause it just freezes and I can here my cpu working/grinding away like it's on super overload. I played from beta to early access to 5 or 6 months after early access and this never happened or if it did it was so rare, like almost never, that I didn't even notice. I came back when it went F2P and found I got my Legacy name back, left cause I lost my Legacy name when servers 1st started to merge, and said I'll get back into SWTOR. Well, since F2P I have had this problem every day and always after an hour but never more than 2 hours of playing.