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Nah I was just thinking outloud and hoping they would bring that magical "I WIN"-button to the game so life would be much more easier for you busy people who clearly want to play the game even though you don't seem to have time for it

Also as someone stated here before this thread and similar threads may be essential feedback for BW when it comes for future HM FP creations! As many people here tend to want HM FPs to be as quickly done as possible do YOU wish the future creations to be short tubes with few groups of thrash on the way with one boss at the end that drops a columi/rakata piece without any conversations and stuff which take few minutes of your "precious time"? If YOU answer YES to this question I sincerely feel sorry for you and hope BW never reads or listens anything that comes out from your mouth...
Believe it or not, we HM speed-run people often love the FPs the first several times. It is just the repeats that get tedious. I even like reliving them again later on alts while leveling. But if I am in serious FP mode, I want to get the daily done on three or more alts. I won't be wanting to listen to Esseles for the 40th time. If you want the conversations, and to have a ton of fun, try soloing or duoing them on their original levels. You feel really epic one-shotting enemies like an actual Jedi or crackshot. Seriously, even of you don't do this just for the conversations, try soloing Taral V at its original level. It is a blast.
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