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12.29.2012 , 10:38 PM | #506
I thought the idiot Bioware had before running PvP was bad. Bioware needs to really find some people that have some real MMO experience. I have always thought the resolve system was nothing more than a work around system for people that understood it. Its a huge work around system now. This game needs improvements, not idiots making things worse with changes like this. What this game needs is a real CC system that puts people on equal ground.

Best system I have seen is a global CC cool down for each CC set (Mez, roots/snares, KD/KB, stuns). If you are stuned you get a immunity to stun for so many seconds, and so on for each CC set. Not this stupid crap of being CCed to death. I dont think the people at Bioware are smart enough to know how to improve this game or even save it from fully tanking. The biggest things that has killed this game is huge lack of end game content and very poor PvP. Poeple dont enjoy PvP when half the time they dont have control of their toon.